Lift Planning & Engineering

Plan the Work & Work the Plan – Southway Crane & Rigging employs an in-house team of professional engineers that study each project, size the correct crane for the project regarding safety and efficiency, then produce detailed and accurate critical lift plans, below the hook rigging diagrams, and other project specific drawings.

Precision & Accuracy

These plans are built with precision and accuracy with a mission to ensure the customer and our field personnel that we have planned for the safest and most efficient options available. We also offer the option for P.E. review and stamp of approval upon request.

Plan the Work – Work the Plan

Our engineering team utilizes the professional standards in software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Lift Planner, Work Planner, and 3D Liftplan for planning and drafting purposes. Also, our engineered lift plan packages include all supporting documentation such as Rigging Certs, Rigging Cut Sheets, Crane Charts, Outrigger Cut Sheets, Equipment Annual Inspections, and Personnel Certs.

Planning Process

  • + Project Overview with Customers & Contractors
  • + Detailed Rigging Diagrams & Critical Lift Plans
  • + P.E. Review & Stamp Available Upon Request
  • + Site Walks & Measurement Verifications
  • + Maximum Allowable Wind Speed Study
  • + Ground Bearing Pressure Study