Crawler Cranes

Capacities up to 825 Tons

Crawler Cranes offer superior stability and weight-bearing capacity, making them suitable for heavy lifting tasks on varying ground surfaces. These cranes have a wide footprint due to their tracks, which enhances their stability, especially when lifting heavy loads. This stability allows them to handle heavier loads at greater lifting heights. Crawlers excel on long-term projects with the ability to move around the job-site without disassembly. Southway Crane & Rigging has access to a large range of configuration possibilities to deliver the right solution for our customer’s needs. With lifting capacities ranging from 80 Tons to 825 Tons, nothing is out of reach!

Operated or Bare-Rental

Two distinct options – Opting for our cranes with operators ensures that your project is in the hands of skilled professionals who have the expertise to handle complex lifting tasks safely and efficiently. If you already have experienced operators on your team, our bare rental option provides you with reliable cranes, allowing your team to operate them according to the manufacturer’s operating manual and procedures.

Maintained & Certified

Our team works hard to keep our late-model fleet of Crawler Cranes well maintained, certified, and always ready for crane support on your next project.

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