Rough-Terrain Cranes

Capacities Up To 130 Tons

Southway is your trusted Rough-Terrain Crane Rental provider. Rough-Terrain Cranes are versatile and widely used in construction, industrial, and infrastructure projects as their ability to handle rough terrain makes them suitable for construction projects in remote or challenging locations. Rough-Terrain Cranes have a compact design, making them the preferred crane for operation in confined spaces. These machines are unique in that they also provide the option to pick and carry loads between two locations. Southway provides a fleet of RT cranes ranging in lifting capacities from 30 Tons to 130 Tons.

Performance Capabilities

Rough-Terrain Cranes feature a host of advantages over other types of cranes. When compared with Truck Cranes, Rough-Terrain Cranes offer better steering capabilities, traction, and power. They have a lower center of gravity, larger tires for better control, a tighter turn radius for greater maneuverability, and all wheel drive & steering.

Efficient Support Solution

Rough-Terrain Cranes are proven to be an effective support crane option for your project. These machines require minimal mobilization costs, take less time to build, and have the capabilities to take care of all the supporting lifts required with larger cranes.

Maintained & Certified

Our team works hard to keep our late-model fleet of Rough-Terrain Cranes well maintained, certified, and always ready for crane support on your next project.

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