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Southway offers a large fleet of Cranes and Rigging equipment from 13 branches in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida.

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Mobile Crane Rental

Lifting Capacities up to 800 Tons

Southway’s Mobile Crane fleet consists of Hydraulic Truck Cranes, All-Terrain Cranes, Rough-Terrain Cranes, and Carry-Deck Cranes.

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Crawler Crane Rental

Nothing is Out of Reach

Southway has access to a versatile fleet of Crawler Cranes with lifting capacities up to 825 Tons.

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Fleet Versatility

Specialized Rigging Equipment

Southway has the equipment to provide our clients with alternative methods of lifting and moving equipment on jobsites, including Forklifts, Skates, Sliding Systems, Gantries, and more.

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Southway Crane & Rigging

Crane Rental & Specialized Rigging

Welcome to Southway Crane & Rigging – With a legacy spanning over 30 years, today we stand as one of the premier Crane Rental and Specialized Rigging service providers in the Southeastern United States. Our success is the result of trained and experienced industry professionals, a modern and versatile fleet of crane and rigging equipment, and our commitment to an unparalleled safety culture. Southway has the resources and capabilities to provide lifting solutions for multiple industries, including construction and maintenance in the commercial, industrial, and infrastructure markets.

Crane Rental

With solutions for all sizes of projects, we have a versatile and modern fleet of cranes up to 825 Tons in capacity – All-Terrain Cranes, Hydraulic Truck Cranes, Crawler Cranes, & Rough-Terrain Cranes.

Specialized Rigging

A specialized set of tools for projects that have unique requirements – Versa-Lift Forklifts, TriLifters, Gantry Systems, Jack & Slide Systems, Skates, Self-Propelled Modular Transporters, and Cantilever rigging equipment.


Plan the work & work the plan – Southway Crane & Rigging has an in-house team of professional engineers that study each project and produce detailed and accurate critical lift plans and rigging diagrams.

Location & Fleet

Crane & Rigging Service in the Southeastern United States

Southway Crane & Rigging operates out of 13 branches strategically located in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida, though our service footprint extends throughout most of the United States.

Need to rent a crane for your next project? Southway’s local crane rental fleet of more than 200 cranes includes Hydraulic Truck Cranes, Boom Trucks, All-Terrain Cranes, Rough-Terrain Cranes, Carry-Deck Cranes, and Crawler Cranes with lifting capacities up to 825 Tons.

Does your project require rental of specialized rigging equipment? Our equipment fleet also consists of rigging equipment to help with challenging lifting and moving projects that require alternative methods to cranes. Our rigging fleet includes Versa-Lift Forklifts, TriLifters, Machinery Skates, Sliding Systems, Gantry Lift Systems, Cantilever Bars, Self-Propelled Modular Transporters, and more!

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Industries We Serve

Essential Construction & Maintenance Projects


Structural Steel Construction, Concrete Construction, Corporate Office Buildings, Educational Facilities, Stadiums & Sporting Facilities, Government Facilities, Data Centers, Entertainment (Film, Video, & Music)


Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Renewables (Solar), Mining, Quarry, Power Generation Plants, Power Distribution Stations, Telecommunications, HVAC & Mechanical, Industrial Manufacturing, Pulp & Paper


Port & Dock, Bridge Construction, Highway Construction, Dam & Reservoir Construction, Military Facilities & Equipment, Water Treatment Plants, Hospitals & Medical Facilities, Waste Management

Crane Rental & Specialized Rigging Experts

Southway is the Southeast United States' trusted resource for Lifting & Specialized Rigging services.

Southway Crane & Rigging

Crane Rental Options

Mobile Cranes

Southway has a large fleet of Mobile Cranes that are a “Fast Moving & Always on the Go” group of equipment. Compared to conventional cranes and crawler cranes, Mobile Cranes are efficient in mobilization and have faster assembly & disassembly times...

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Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes offer superior stability and weight-bearing capacity, making them suitable for heavy lifting tasks on varying ground surfaces. These cranes have a wide footprint due to their tracks, which enhances their stability, especially when lifting heavy loads...

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Rough-Terrain Cranes

Rough-Terrain Cranes are versatile and widely used in construction, industrial, and infrastructure projects as their ability to handle rough terrain makes them suitable for construction projects in remote or challenging locations. Rough-Terrain cranes...

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Leadership From TNT Branches Meet at Headquarters In Houston, TX

TNT Leadership Meeting

Leadership From TNT Branches Meet at Headquarters In Houston, TX Leadership from branches across the United States & Canada met this past week at TNT.

Mobile Cranes Precast Concrete Tilt-Up

Precast Project Atlanta

Southway Crane & Rigging was contracted to provide a Liebherr LTM1220 5.2 (265 Ton All-Terrain) Crane & Certified Crew for a precast concrete construction job.


Southway is proud to be part of the TNT Family of Companies

In December 2012, Southway Crane & Rigging was acquired by TNT Crane & Rigging. This acquisition and others have allowed the TNT Family of Companies to operate as one unified team. Southway now has access to more than 750 cranes and resources from a team of over 1,750 employees.

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Customer Satisfaction

Safe & Successful Project Completion

I just want to take a moment and convey appreciation from the management teams at both plants for the combined efforts between APCO and Southway in getting both of these jobs completed in a timely and SAFE manner. Your crews stayed ready and when given the go-ahead performed flawlessly.

Alabama Power Fleet Services

Shannon Nivens

Our installer deserves a gold medal – as does your team. Thank you very much for your patience, flexibility, and customer service. I passed your contact information over to the customer, as well as the storage facility the silos sat at – both who utilize crane and rigging services frequently.

Universal Dynamics, Inc.

Caitlin Crossman

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